Thursday, March 26, 2015

Various Types of People

Some of people have a good sense of humour,
Some people are very serious,
Some people are oriented towards science,other towards literature,some are very artistic,
Some are....They have a hard time figuring out what they are.
but they know how to have a good time.There are people of different personalities
What kind of personality Allah has given to you and then work in accordance with that.

Every single person have their own character and personality.They can't force you to be like them,another side you also can't force them to be like you.

Allah made personalities every person very very very different.And everybody should try to figure out what their personality is like as much as they can.
and then,in accordance with that,figure out what is the most they can make of their opportunity.
what are the most they can and what are challenge in their personality.

If someone is able to recognize their weakness then they are able to make connections,make friends,put themselves around people that turned that cover for that weakness.they recognize that weakness and they cover for that weakness.
If you surround yourself with people that have the same weakness as you,they have the same problem as you,like if you have a terrible sense of humour,you have no restrictions on your sense of humour.and you become friends with other people who also have no breaks in their sense of humour.
Not very good things will come out of that relationship.
You need somebody to stir things up.
You serious,everybody around you are very serious,your friends are super serious...ooooohhh that is a very depressing life.You need somebody to stir things up. 

Now in terms of deen,in terms of what Allah wants you to do in your life,everybody should instead of complaining or you only get happy when good things happen,and you get super depressed when bad things happen.
The reality of it is each of you will have your share of good and bad in this world.And you need to make the most of it given your personality.Given Your STyle.

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