Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Misuse Of The Words Maa Shaa Allah and SubhanAllah

The Misuse Of The Words Maa Shaa Allah and SubhanAllah

In the last Islam Study Class for kids, we learnt about what Rasulullah usually said in daily life. And we found that we both (I and mr.A) had misconception using SubhanAllah and Maa Shaa Allah. Before we heard about the truth about these words purpose in life condition, we normally used Maa Shaa Allah when there is a calamity or unexpected turn of event or when we are upset and so on and so forth, and SubhanAllah to be used when there is joy or beauty, like when you see a beautiful baby/person or a stunning sunset or a melodious voice.
The truth is,
Maa Shaa Allah   (ما شاء الله)  literally means Whatever Allah (God) wills. It is often used in occasions where there is surprise in someones’ good deeds or achievements; admiration at various abundant goodness. This is expressions of amazement at the beautiful things, and it does wonderful things beloved and desired by Allah (QS. 18 : 39).

then Subhanallah (سبحان الله) literally means Glory be to Allah (God). This exclamation used to express concern over the unfavorable thing in which inappropriate [(QS. 34 : 40-41)(QS. 12 : 108)] and embedded in the meaning of “down” [(QS. 68 : 29)(QS. 24 : 16)], which according to the habits of people in Arabic.
Al-Bukhari narrated in his Saheeh that Jabir ibn ‘Abd-Allah (may Allah be pleased with him) said :
When we went up we would say takbeer (Allahu Akbar) and when we went down we would say tasbeeh (Subhan Allah).
In shaa Allah, from now, we start using these words in proper way, avoiding misconception and give precise and meaningful way to the words. 

Waalahu'alam bishawab.

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