Sunday, March 8, 2015

Clean Your Heart

The right direction when we look at the behavior of someone or see the events that occur in ourselves and others it toward 'inside', not outside '.
Allah just wants me always to meditate,think and act in harmony with His will ..
If we look at the "outside" 'then we would do are blame, criticize, booing, and judging others who ultimately made me defiant and ruin our own heart.
But if we see towards "Inside" then we would do are:self reflection, introspection and take lessons from each problems, which in turn makes me able to obey, find reproach in ourselves, improvement, understanding and purify the heart.
Assessment of everything depends on the 'quality' of the contents of the heart

If the content of the heart is good then the attitude also will be good..
If the contents of the heart is bad then the attitude also will be bad..

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